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Brisbane Storm Recovery Support

Have you experienced trauma, damage or loss as a result of the Brisbane storms and floods over the past decade?

The Brisbane Storm Assistance Community Support Program is designed to provide support for people who have been affected or impacted by severe storms from as far back as 2011.

The Community Outreach program includes trained Storm Assistance Crews who are our on the ground support staff, armed with the knowledge and experience to help during these difficult times. Through their community outreach efforts they will be able to direct and connect you to licensed professional services for even more comprehensive specialised support and assistance.

To enquire phone: 1300 252 469

Finding help after storms is simplified with Claimz

Our Claimz loss recovery and storm support crew will work along side you, helping you navigate the various storm support services that may be available to you as you as a result of hail storms and flood damage that has impacted your local community. Support provided by the Storm Assistance crew can include:

The storm assistance outreach service may be able to provide you with a small amount of professional assistance and support to respond to immediate or challenging individual circumstances.

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Why Local Queensland
Companies Love Us❤️

Its the reputable trustworthy businesses that are typically the hardest to get in touch with. Their quality professional services are in demand every other day without factoring in one of Queensland’s iconic severe weather events.

Like our members, companies can conveniently respond and collaborate with each other through the use of our smart digital technology.

Think of it like on-demand tv…. But for storm services.

Communities that need help the most now have on-demand storm assistance. 🌱☀️

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