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You deserve care that’s simple, personalized, and hassle-free. Claimz Technology  is a suite of modular tools designed to help us and our partners to observe, document, communicate, administer and manage insurance claims and repairs.

Claimz Hail Damage Roof Inspection

Claimz Inspect

Start the process by booking in your free storm assess for your home then access a leading network of licensed and experienced professionals.
Claimz Insurance Claim Handlers

Claimz Manager

The Claimz Manager platform is designed specifically for Australian claim handlers and easily integrates with other platforms and workflows.

Claimz Connect

Access and connect with our marketplace of local leading experts including claim handlers, loss adjusters, builders and trades through our Claimz Connect platform.

Claimz Repair

Our network of licensed and experience storm damage repair builders have been pre-vetted and use our proven ClaimzTech tools for best results.

With ClaimzTech, everything works together for one very important cause. You. 💙🫵

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Claimz works with many different providers.

We’ve developed the relationships that underpin all phases of your claim.

Storm Assess

Be prepared this storm season and book your free Storm Assess for your home of business.

Claim Handling

Our network of licensed claim handlers are experienced in getting all that you deserve.


The best local licensed builders are at your fingertips through the Claimz app.

Energy Efficiency

The best sustainable solution designed to drive energy efficiency in your home.
You can also search our Claimz Network to start from any stage

Our Value Is Built Off The Back Of Our Client Success

Claimz technology focus on what matters most: the people and communities. Find out how Claimz can help you today. ☀️🚀

Prepare for the unexpected

You can never be fully prepared for a severe weather event. But with a free Storm Assess by Claimz, you can be on the front foot this storm season.

Legendary Service & Simple Tools

Claimz is the best claims mobile app for homeowners and renters looking to stay on top of their claim without the papers.

Convenient Mobile App technology engineered to make the claim process transparent and efficient.

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